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Explore our publications, media resources, the latest news and more!

News & Publications

Explore our publications, media resources, the latest news and more!


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Trafficker sentenced for attempted abduction

Blue Dragon's lawyers have secured a 4 year conviction against a human trafficker who tried to trick a 16 year old girl named 'Thu' into following her from Vietnam into China. Thu was rescued by border guards who realised she was in danger, and Blue Dragon has been...

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A Blue Dragon teen heading toward a bright future

Like many families along the Red River, Dan's family has always lived in hardship. But while his friends were dropping out of school and getting into trouble, Dan has chosen a different path. Seven years ago, Dan joined Blue Dragon's Football Club where he could play...

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Dragon Tales February 2018

In this issue:Read about Trong’s incredible journey, which has been possible because of people who have donated and cared; Blue Dragon’s success with bottom up law reform in Vietnam; and actions that our friends around the world have taken for kids.

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Founder's Blog

Blue Dragon’s founder, Michael Brosowski, shares the lessons he has learned from the people he meets from day to day.


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